5 Reasons to Consider a 55+ Community

As the population of the United States ages, more individuals are becoming aware of and appreciating the benefits of living in a senior community. These are also known as Active Adult Communities, Age Restricted Communities, or Independent Living Communities. If you’re thinking about retiring, you might be interested in moving to a 55+ community. It’s a major decision with a lot of variables to consider, such as community style and of course, location.

Here are 5 reasons to consider a 55+ community for yourself or your loved ones:

Low Maintenance

Consider the possibility of never having to deal with home maintenance again. A senior community usually has an HOA that will take care of maintenance from top to bottom, which includes roof and gutter repairs, painting, grass mowing, weed control, irrigation service, and more. This relieves you of all maintenance duties, allowing you to focus on what genuinely makes you happy. Check the HOA coverage and policies for a community you’re interested in.

Like-Minded Friends

When you live in an active adult community, you surround yourself with neighbors who are as excited about retirement as you are. It means that those you live next to are really happy to accompany you on a walk, hang out at a community event, relax for an afternoon cocktail or share laughs in the clubhouse! Here, your neighbors become lifelong friends. It’s always nice to go through life with people who are at comparable phases of life. Almost every other life period has a planned path for accomplishing this, from attending school with peers to traveling a professional path with others with comparable expertise and backgrounds to raising a family with other families whose children are interested in similar activities.

Adult Activities

Furthermore, a 55+ community provides several opportunities and events for you to meet your neighbors and build close friendships with them. Pickleball courts, tennis courts, bocce courts, and a pool are among the resort-style facilities available in a lot of 55 and older communities of Tennessee, Utah, Florida, California, etc. Outside, there are plenty of walking and biking paths to discover, complete with fountains, ponds, benches, and well-kept foliage, as well as an open area where residents can enjoy breathtaking views from their homes.

Outdoor Space with Privacy

If you live in an area with gorgeous weather, why waste a single second not enjoying it? Every home comes with a charming outdoor space that lets you relax in privacy. Style it up however you wish and invite your family and friends over for an afternoon or evening! You can even style your front porch to match the season; try pumpkins during the fall, a wreath around the holidays and some decorative flags for the summer months.

You’ve Earned It!

Last, but not least, your retirement is a hard-earned accomplishment. You truly deserve to live your life the way you’ve always wanted, on your own terms and schedule. Choosing to move to a senior living community allows you to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

Final Thoughts

It’s all about finding the community and home that are right for you. To conclude, many adults will ask: how do I find 55 and older community near me? Search and compare neighborhoods, amenities, pricing models, and other characteristics that are relevant to you.

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