The Legal Landscape for Event Production Companies

In today’s digital age, audio-visual (AV) service providers play a pivotal role in events, conferences, and various entertainment sectors. Their expertise ensures that sound and visuals are delivered seamlessly, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. However, with this crucial role comes a set of responsibilities and potential legal pitfalls. Here’s a comprehensive look at scenarios where an AV service provider […]

A Look Into the 2023 Tax Changes: What You Need to Know

As the years go by, changes are inevitable. And this includes tax changes. Tax is an inherent part of any economy, and it is very important to keep up to date with these changes to avoid falling into any financial pitfalls. In 2023, many new tax changes are expected to come into effect, and it is important to start preparing […]

7 Tips to Make a Website ADA Compliant

Web accessibility has become a critical aspect of website design, and it’s essential for website owners to ensure their website is inclusive and accessible to everyone. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that websites be accessible and usable by people with disabilities, including blindness, hearing loss, mobility impairments, and cognitive disabilities. Here are some steps to make your website […]

What is Responsible Beverage Service Training?

In California, Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training is required for all alcohol sellers and servers. The purpose of RBS training is to prevent sales of alcohol to minors and obviously intoxicated persons and to reduce problems related to excessive alcohol consumption. Servers learn how to check IDs, refuse sales to minors and cut off customers who have had too much […]

Choosing the Right Entity for Your Side Gig

One of the most important roles a business lawyer plays in helping small businesses is helping to establish them as the right entity. These entities define a business and allow them to comply with local and state laws. Additionally, the right entity will yield a variety of tax benefits. With the rise of gig culture and operating side businesses, many […]

How to Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats have grown in the last few years to a variety of businesses ranging from major companies to governmental divisions. They have been heavily publicized and embarrassing for the offended parties. This has caused a resurgence of enhanced cybersecurity for businesses both big and small. Listed below are some of the most common techniques used by businesses: – Use […]

Is It Legal to Post Fake Reviews Online?

Online reviews are the lifeblood for many businesses. Small businesses, in particular, rely on acquiring real reviews from customers that get visibility from other people who later turn into customers. Without the ability to get reviews for a product or service, it’s difficult for a new customer to commit to a business. But what happens when a business is spammed […]

How to Decide Which Business Entity is Right for You

In the world of business law, choosing the right entity is the first step in starting a new business. Business owners have the opportunity to choose between sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations, s-corporations and c-corporations. The type of entity chosen determines a lot of things including liabilities and taxes. So, how does someone decide which entity is right for their […]