Reminders to Prevent Vehicular Accidents

It’s no surprise that car accidents are on the rise in the US. As we have exited the pandemic and more people are driving, there are more people getting involved in vehicular accidents. While it’s easy to say “remember to wear your seatbelt” to anyone operating a vehicle, there are other things that should be taken into consideration as well.

Here are 4 reminders you should always keep in the back of your mind.

1. Stay Off the Phone

Talking and texting on cell phones is illegal in California and will likely be adopted by other states relatively soon. We all understand that phone calls and text messages can be distracting while driving, yet people continue to exhibit this behavior. Unless your car has a docking station for your mobile device, it’s best to put the phone down and focus 100% of your attention on the road in front of you. Once this becomes law in all states, we’ll likely see the number of car accidents decrease.

2. Slow Down

As silly as it may sound, some drivers just need to slow down when driving on roads and highways. Speed markers are not suggestions, they are actually the law and put in place for safety reasons. If you’re driving in an inner-city, pay close attention to the posted speed limits and obey the law. You’ll help prevent car accidents and abide by the law. Additionally, if you happen to get pulled over by highway patrol for speeding, you can expect a $200+ ticket. Slow down and avoid this type of fine.

3. Routine Vehicle Maintenance

A car that is not well-maintained can also be the cause of a vehicular accident. Poorly maintained brakes and tires with no tread lead to a high number of accidents across the country that can reasonably be avoided. For this reason, it’s important to have your car routinely maintained by a service professional. Taking your car to a shop on a routine basis will ensure it is safe to drive and will prolong the life of the car too. Have your service professional change your oil on a routine basis, check your brakes, check your tires and ensure all of your safety lights work as expected.

4. Use Public Transit When Possible

Not every city in the United States has a reliable public transit system. For instance, public transportation in Los Angeles is much more widespread and available compared to a city in Oklahoma. However, if public transportation is available in your city, you should take full advantage of it. Not only will you avoid car accidents by taking the bus or train, but you will save money over time and contribute less to the pollution in the air.

We’ll likely continue to see car accidents happen as people return to work and roadways in the coming months. If you can keep these 4 suggestions in mind anytime you drive your car, you can help reduce the number of accidents seen on a daily basis. And until all vehicle manufacturers can implement more advanced safety measures, it’s important to be very aware of your surroundings while driving.

Be safe!



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