Post Pandemic Injury Cases On the Rise

Nationwide, attorneys are taking on more and more injury cases as a direct result of the ending of the pandemic. People are returning to a sense of normal and unfortunately getting hurt in the process. What is behind the injury cases is surprising to both attorneys and consumers alike, as the increase is due to car accidents, premises liability and common sense injuries.

With this rise in new cases across the country, people are asking what they can do to be safer and avoid being involved with these types of cases.

More Driving Means More Accidents

When so many people turned to working from home over the last year, many people forgot the basic fundamentals of driving. Major freeway systems like those in California, New York and Colorado have accumulated a large increase in car accidents as a result of this. For one reason or another, it seems as if drivers “forgot” how to operate a vehicle in congested traffic. More cars on the road lead to more accidents and more injury suits. Most accidents are seemingly caused by failing to merge correctly, not paying attention to other drivers and failing to brake in a reasonable amount of time.

A recommendation from most attorneys is to simply slow down and pay closer attention to your surroundings. Everyone is returning to a state of “normal” and we need to give everyone time. Be aware of other drivers on the road, use turn signals and give yourself plenty of space from other drivers. If you are involved in an accident, be sure to call a personal injury law firm like Colorado Injury Law right away.

Premises Liability Cases Jumping Up Too

Similar to issues seen caused from bad driving habits are cases of premise liability. These type of cases occur when a business is at fault from someone slipping and getting injured. These cases are on the rise as businesses let customers back in their businesses and re-learn how to accommodate them. This is commonly seen with grocery stores and restaurants. While the business is liable for its customers, the customer is advised to be careful as well.

Additionally, cases of ADA compliance are increasing. Businesses that didn’t previously offer compliance with ADA standards are now quicker to be sued by people who risk injury or accessibility issues.

Common Sense Injuries

Above all, lawyers across the country are noticing injuries occurring due to a lack of common sense. For example, in San Francisco, there have been a rise in cases of bicycle enthusiasts being hit by cars. While you may be quick to think the driver of the vehicle was at fault, evidence points to the cyclist not paying attention to traffic signals and following laws. In these types of cases, it’s equally important for pedestrians to obey all traffic laws.

The pandemic created a lot of frustration and divisiveness too. This, unfortunately, has caused several public disputes and incidences of outrage. If have become a victim of such outrage, you could have an injury case on your hands. You may also be the victim of a criminal case if assault and battery are involved. In either situation, reach out to your attorney if something happens to you.

It will take time for everything to return to normal. In the meantime, we need to be patient and try to be as courteous as possible. Be careful on the road, careful in places of business and practice good common sense at all times. And remember, if you are involved in an accident of any kind, don’t hesitate to call an attorney.


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